Bhai Amarjit Singh

Bhai Amarjit Singh

Bhai Amarjit Singh is particularly known for his soulful renditions of shabads and kirtan in Raag style. His mastery of Raag music is truly awe-inspiring, and his dedication to preserving and promoting Sikh musical traditions is commendable. Be sure to listen to all his Shabads, especially "Man Mere Ram Naam Jap Jaap" - a beautiful composition that encourages the remembrance of God's name as a means of attaining spiritual liberation, and "Ghan Garjat Gobind Rup" - a popular composition that describes the greatness of the Guru's teachings and the divine qualities of God. Bhai Amarjit Singh's soulful voice brings out the devotion and love that is inherent in his Shabads, and creates an atmosphere of spiritual bliss and ecstasy. His renditions of the Shabads are both soothing and uplifting, creating a devotional atmosphere that fills the heart with love and devotion for the Divine. His Raag-style singing is a testament to his devotion and love for the Guru and the Divine, where Bhai Amarjit Singh’s voice is filled with emotion and his singing is infused with the spirit of Gurbani, making him a beloved figure in the Sikh community.
Popular Tracks
Man Mere Ram Naam Jap Jaap
Bhai Amarjit Singh
Ghan garjat gobind rup
Bhai Amarjit Singh
Raj me raj jog me jogi
Bhai Amarjit Singh
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