Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh

Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh

Born in on 12 November 1963, in Amritsar, India, Bhai Baljit Singh Namdhari is a Gurbani singer that has made his name in the industry by performing kirtan, katha, and shabad in his own style. Hailing from a pious family, and Bhai Baljit Singh was introduced to Gurbani music by his father at the age of 10. His father, Sant Gurbachan Singh, had no formal education in music, but was fond of singing Gurbani. Bhai Baljit Singh has had a great musical legacy, with his father and all four of sisters - who are also singers. Additionally, his younger brother, Gurmeet Singh, is also an accomplished Gurbani singer. Bhai Baljit Singh has learned from various Gharanas, including Talwandi, Punjab, and Benares aka Guru Nanak Gharana. Bhai Baljit Singh, along with Bhai Gurmeet Singh and Master Fateh Singh Namdhari, has performed kirtan across the globe, including in England, Africa, Thailand, Tanzania, America, Scotland, and Canada. In 1983, Bhai Baljit Singh won first place in All India Radio Competition, which marked a major stride towards his fame and achievement. He has received numerous awards, including the Bhai Mardana Award in Ludhiana in 1998, Shiromany Ragi Award by Punjabi Bhasha Vibhag, Punjab, in 2004, and Shiromany Ragi Award by Delhi Govt. in 2005. Bhai Baljit Singh has also been recognized as one of the foremost classical Gurbani singers with proficiency in string instruments. Bhai Baljit Singh is a professional Gurbani singer and has been teaching Gurbani music since 1980. He has more than 2500 students globally. His unique style of classical vocal and instrumental kirtan has made him a popular artist in the Gurbani music industry. Bhai Baljit Singh has numerous recordings that can be found below. You can find Bhai Baljit Singh Namdhari on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where he shares his performances and interacts with his followers. His music is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in Gurbani music.
Popular Tracks
Moko Too Na Bisaar
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh
Dhan Dhan Karo Dhan
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh
Siri Har Krishan
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh
Kar Kirpa Tere Gun Gava-Ang 563
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh - Keertan
Mokau Toon Na Bisaar Toon Na B
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh - Tera Ditta Khawna
Bhag Hoya Gur Sant Milay
Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh
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