Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others

Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others

Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others are a group of skilled musicians who have made a name for themselves in the world of Gurbani music. Their soulful renditions of the sacred hymns and shabads have touched the hearts of many, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. The group's music style revolves around the classical Indian music tradition of Raag, which is a melodic framework used in Indian classical music. Their technical proficiency and mastery of their instruments, combined with their passion for the art form, make their performances a truly unique experience. On top of their musical talents, Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others are also known for their spiritual teachings, where they dive deep into the teachings of Sikhism, guiding listeners to cultivate a deeper understanding of the faith. Listeners can access some of their spiritual teachings and musical performances below, where a collection of their recorded shabads and kirtans are available in audio format. The power of their music and teachings serve as a reminder of the beauty and depth of the Sikh faith, encouraging all to connect with the divine through the practice of Gurbani kirtan and meditation.
Popular Tracks
Mere Ram Rai
Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others - Bir Ras Darbar & Rehansbhai Kirtan
Sevak ki Ardas Peyari - Keerat Prab Ki Ghao Meri Rasna
Bhai Balwant Singh Josh & Others - Bir Ras Darbar & Rehansbhai Kirtan
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