Bhai Kamaljeet Singh (Hazoori Raagi)

Bhai Kamaljeet Singh (Hazoori Raagi)

Introducing Bhai Kamaljit Singh, also known as Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Hazoori Ragi, a prominent Hazoori Ragi at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. Born on 6 August 1973 in the historical village of Thakurs in Kishankot, Gurdaspur, Punjab, Bhai Kamaljit Singh has been involved in Gurbani music since childhood. He was influenced by his father, Sardar Surinder Singh, and mother, Sardarni Satwant Kaur, who were both involved in Gurbani music. Bhai Kamaljit Singh's musical journey began under the guidance of Prof. Karminder Singh Batala of the Lucknow Gharana and later with Prof. Ravail Singh Amritsar from the Missionary College in Amritsar. He specializes in Gurmat Sangeet Classical and semi-classical vocals, and plays the harmonium and tanpura. Bhai Kamaljit Singh is a Hazoori Ragi at Darbar Sahib and has been appointed as such since 2 September 1998. He spent four years with Bhai Sarbjit Singh Laddi, one year at Shaheedan Gurdwara Amritsar in 1996, and 1.5 years with Bhai Kirpal Singh. Bhai Kamaljit Singh's style of Gurbani music is primarily devotional and contemporary Keertan. His discourses and speeches showcase his spiritual teachings and are available on various platforms such as his YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He comes from a family of Gurbani music enthusiasts, along with his sons, Bhai Jaideep Singh and Bhai Sehdeep Singh, also Gurbani singers. His wife, Sabjinder Kaur, is a government school science teacher and a Gurbani singer as well. Bhai Kamaljit Singh's legacy includes fellow learners who learned from the same Gurus, such as Dr. Gurinder Singh and Bibi Prabhjot Kaur. He has been associated with various institutions throughout his career as a professional Gurbani singer, including residencies as a full-time artist. The prominent Hazoori Ragi has made significant contributions to the world of Gurbani music. His style of devotional and contemporary Keertan, along with his spiritual teachings, has made him a respected figure in the Sikh community.
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Bhai Kamaljeet Singh (Hazoori Raagi)
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