Bhai Mohan Singh

Bhai Mohan Singh

Bhai Mohan Singh is a notable figure in the Namdhari musical tradition. He has been trained by some of the most respected names in the tradition, including Ustad Harbhajan Singh, Rajan, and Sajan Misra. His deep understanding of music theory and vocal ability has made him a well-known name in the Sikh community. His music is a true reflection of his love and devotion for Waheguru, and his rendition of Deh Shiva Bar Mohe in Raag Sarang is soulful and mesmerizing. The way he sings Dhan Dhan O Ram Bein Bajey with his soulful voice is pure magic. The raag-based Dharam Het Saka Jin Keeya is another masterpiece by Bhai Mohan Singh. Laal Rang Laal Rang, sung at the Sikh Educational Conference in Kanpur in 1974, is a testimony to his versatile style of singing. Bhai Mohan Singh's rendition of Manglacharan and Gayo Ri Main Gun Nidh Mangal Gayo are other examples of his impeccable style and deep understanding of Raag. Bhai Mohan Singh's music style is based on the Raag system, which is an integral part of Indian classical music. Raags are a set of rules that define the melody, harmony, and rhythm of a musical composition. The Raag system provides a framework for musicians to express their emotions and feelings through music. Bhai Mohan Singh's music is a perfect blend of his training in the Namdhari musical tradition and his deep understanding of the Raag system. His music is not just about singing, but it is a spiritual journey that takes the listener to a higher plane of consciousness.
Popular Tracks
Dhan Dhan O Ram Bein Bajey
Bhai Mohan Singh
Laal Rang Laal Rang
Bhai Mohan Singh - Sikh Educational Conference - Kanpur (Oct 1974)
Ga Yoree Main Gun Nidh Mangal (Sarang)
Bhai Mohan Singh - Sikh Educational Conference - Kanpur (Oct 1974)
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