Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda

Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda

Bhai Sarabjit Singh Dhunda was born on 23 March 1976 in village Dhunda, Tarntaran, Punjab. He is a famous Kathavachak belonging to Gurmat Gyan Missionary College of Ludhiana. His preachings focus on removal of Derawad in light of Adi Granth Sahib and Sikh Rehat Maryada. He do his preachings in villages around Punjab and also went to Canada for preachings. The congregation of Candada gave him many Golden Medals for his preachings against fake saints and enlightning with negativity of Karam Kand and Dera Culture.
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Gurbani Katha 36
Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda - Shabad Vichar6
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Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda - Shabad Vichar2
20 baedh saasathr jan pukaareh
Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda - Shabad Vichar2
Gurbani Katha 39
Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda - Shabad Vichar6
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