Bhai Shital Singh

Bhai Shital Singh

Bhai Shital Singh is a talented ragi who performs at the prestigious Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1970 as an ashram for spiritual learning, Guru Nanak Dwara is the first and largest gurdwara in Phoenix. The ashram is dedicated to practicing the Sikh way of life as well as Kundalini Yoga, which is taught by Yogi Bhajan. Bhai Shital Singh's music style is unique, blending the traditional Gurbani with western music elements. His soulful renditions of shabads and kirtans in western style have attracted a wide audience, bringing Sikh music to new heights. Through his performances, Bhai Shital Singh conveys spiritual teachings that inspire and enlighten his listeners. He often speaks about the importance of seva (selfless service), simran (meditation), and living a life in accordance with the teachings of the Guru. He also emphasizes the message of universal love and brotherhood that is at the core of Sikhism. He also has a strong dedication to spreading the message of Sikhism through music that has made him a well-known figure in his community, and to a wider audience.
Popular Tracks
Hum Sar Deen Dayal Na Tum Sar
Tis Ki Saran Sarab Sukh Pavahi
Ot Teri Jagjiwana Mere Thakur
Hey Rav Hey Sas He Karnanidh
Maat Garabh Main Apan Simran De
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