Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh

Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh

Gurpreet Kaur and Samsher Singh's music is a delightful blend of Western and Keertan styles. They have produced several devotional tracks that have touched the hearts of listeners across the globe. Their music is infused with soulful vocals and soothing melodies that create a calming effect on the listener's mind. Their tracks include "Ik Ong Kar," "Waheguru Simran w/ Kya Kahiye Kich Kahi Na Jaye," "Waheguru Simran," "Waheguru Simran w/ Gur Purey Meri Rakh Layi," and "Mohe Na Bisaroh Main Jan Tera." These tracks are perfect for those who seek inner peace and wish to connect with the divine. "Ik Ong Kar" is a powerful track that invokes the oneness of the creator and the creation. The track "Waheguru Simran w/ Kya Kahiye Kich Kahi Na Jaye" is a meditative track that encourages one to let go of all thoughts and surrender to the divine. "Waheguru Simran" is a soulful track that inspires one to chant the name of the divine and seek their blessings. "Waheguru Simran w/ Gur Purey Meri Rakh Layi" is a beautiful track that reminds one that the divine is the protector of all. "Mohe Na Bisaroh Main Jan Tera" is a devotional track that expresses the longing of the soul to be with the divine. Gurpreet Kaur and Samsher Singh's music is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Their tracks are available on various platforms and are a must-listen for those seeking to connect with the divine. Their music is an inspiration for all those who wish to embark on a spiritual journey.
Popular Tracks
Waheguru Simran w/ Kya Kahiye Kich Kahi Na Jaye
Ik Ong Kar
Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh
Mohe Na Bisaroh Main Jan Tera
Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh
Waheguru Simran w/ Gur Purey Meri Rakh Layi
Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh
Waheguru Simran
Gurpreet Kaur & Samsher Singh
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