Inderjit Singh Saajan

Inderjit Singh Saajan

Born on 3 October 1965, in the serene village of Changali Kadim, Ferozepur, Punjab, Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan has inherited a rich legacy of Gurbani music. His father, Giani Surat Singh Sajan, and grandfather, Bhai Dhara Singh Sajan (Dada Ji), were esteemed Kirtaniyas. Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan's musical journey began in his early years, influenced by the teachings of his respected Gurus. He received guidance from his father and grandfather, as well as from renowned Gurus like Prof. Labh Singh and Bhai Bachan Singh Hadiabad. Their invaluable tutelage has shaped his musical style, which is rooted in classical vocal techniques, specifically Raag. As a dedicated Gurbani singer, Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan has formed a jathha (group) of talented musicians. Alongside him are Bhai Onkar Singh, who accompanies him on the side, and Bhai Gurmeet Singh, a skilled tabla player. Together, they create soulful melodies that captivate the hearts of listeners. Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan has also contributed his musical expertise to various institutions, including Gurudwara Sis Ganj Saheb Delhi, Gurdwara Urban State Jallandhar, and Gurdwara Nanaksar in Delhi. His commitment to spreading the divine message of Gurbani has led him to collaborate with SikhNet, where his recordings are available for your listening pleasure. With a deep-rooted passion for Gurbani music and a captivating vocal style, Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan continues to inspire audiences with his heartfelt renditions. Stay connected with his musical journey through SikhNet and explore the profound essence of Raag in his soul-stirring performances. For more information and updates, visit Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan's artist profile on SikhNet Play. You can also follow his official Facebook page to stay connected with his musical endeavors. Let the soothing melodies of Bhai Inderjit Singh Sajan transport you to a realm of divine bliss.
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Inderjit Singh Saajan
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