Khalsa Junior

Khalsa Junior

Khalsa Junior is a non-profit initiative, driven by a small team of passionate creators, who aim to raise awareness of the Sikh faith. They create and share material that appeals to all, while spreading the message of love and unity. Their ultimate goal is to enlighten minds and bring smiles to faces worldwide. The initiative produces content that is specifically targeted at children, with sing-along music being their primary focus. Their videos are created with an aim to educate children about Sikhism, its culture, values, and traditions. The initiative also welcomes constructive feedback from viewers to improve the quality of their content. Khalsa Junior's website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts provide access to their videos and other material. They regularly release new videos on their website and social media channels, and any money received is invested in producing more material. Khalsa Junior's work is rooted in the Sikh tradition, and their mission is to help children understand and connect with the spiritual teachings of the faith. Through their sing-along videos, they help children memorize Gurbani, learn about Sikh history, and understand the importance of seva (selfless service). Visit Khalsa Junior's website or their social media channels to access their videos and help your children learn about Sikhism in a fun and engaging way.
SikhNet values artists & musicians

SikhNet deeply respects the artists listed on SikhNet Play, and we honor the hard work it takes to create beautiful and spiritually uplifting music. Live recordings are shared under SikhNet's Fair Use policy. All other recordings are shared with the understanding that you, as an artist, have given us, SikhNet, permission to post these tracks.

Please contact us directly if you would like any of your studio recordings removed from SikhNet Play or if you would like to have your artist page disabled in its entirety. Because we may not have current contact information, we need you to communicate with us to request these changes. If we do not hear from you prior to the launch of our new system in 2023, our default setting will be that you are sharing your recordings with us according to SikhNet's most recent Voluntary Upload Agreement. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

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