Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl)

Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl)

Erin Kamler, also known as "Mantra Girl," is an American composer, writer, and academic researcher whose work focuses on the intersection of feminist social justice and the arts. With over fifteen years of experience in singing, composing, and teaching, she is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and holds a degree in music composition and writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Her proficiency in several Asian languages, including Sanskrit, Gurumukhi, and Thai, allows her to bring an authentic and nuanced understanding to her work. Erin's passion for chanting and mantras is palpable in her live performances throughout the world. She uses music to create a space for spiritual connection and healing. Her music style is a blend of Western music, mantras, and Kundalini music. Erin's unique approach to sound and rhythm allows her to craft melodies that are both soothing and energizing, creating a space for people to relax, meditate, and explore their inner world. With a focus on social justice and equality, Erin's music speaks to the power of community, connection, and the human spirit. Her songs often convey messages of hope and resilience, emphasizing the importance of self-care and self-love. Through her work, she encourages people to embrace their true selves and connect with others on a deeper level. To experience the magic of Mantra Girl's music, be sure to check out her collection of kirtan and mantras on our catalog. Her unique blend of Western and Eastern influences is sure to transport you to a place of peace and serenity.
Popular Tracks
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Mantra Girl
Wahe Guru
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Trinity
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Mantra Girl
Sa Ta Na Ma Wahe Guru
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Mantra Girl
Wah Yantee
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Mantra Girl
Ra Ma Da Sa
Erin Kamler (Mantra Girl) - Truth
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