Ram Das Kaur Khalsa

Ram Das Kaur Khalsa

Discover the profound insights into the structure of Ardas with Ram Das Kaur Khalsa's enlightening discourse. In this captivating recording from 1977, Ram Das Kaur Khalsa, based in Los Angeles, explores the essence and significance of Ardas in a unique Western music style. Ram Das Kaur Khalsa's expertise in Sikh traditions and devotion shines through as she delves into the intricacies of Ardas, offering a fresh perspective on this sacred Sikh prayer. This recording serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Gurbani and its relevance in contemporary times. Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by Ram Das Kaur Khalsa as she sheds light on the structural nuances of Ardas. Experience a transformative journey through her insightful teachings, awakening a deeper connection to the Sikh faith. For an enriching audio experience, listen to Ram Das Kaur Khalsa's discourse on Ardas on SikhNet Play, and gain a fresh perspective on this timeless Sikh tradition and deepen your spiritual understanding.
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The Structure of Ardas
Ram Das Kaur Khalsa - Los Angeles 1977
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