Sant Anoop Singh (Una Sahib)

Sant Anoop Singh (Una Sahib)

From all the “Sewa Panthi Sampardaye”, one of the locations in Hoshiarpur was being served by Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji at the time when Sant Anoop Singh Ji was 9 years old. Sant Anoop Singh Ji would often visit Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji along with his parents. One day, Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji asked Sant Anoop Singh Ji’s parents to give their son to them. Since then, Sant Anoop Singh Ji has immersed himself in Sewa and Simran Mission, and has grown up with the teachings of Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji from Hoshiarpur. Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji was very pleased with the dedication and progress that Sant Anoop Singh Ji was showing with respect to Sewa and Simran. Later in 1986, Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji, and Sant Baba Satnam Singh Ji (then the Sant of Una Sahib dera) handed the sewa of Una Sahib to Sant Anoop Singh Ji. According to the tradition of the Sewa Panthi Sampradaye, a ceremony was held to hand over the sewa of Una Sahib dera, and Sant Anoop Singh Ji was then given the title of “Sant Ji”.The Una Sahib dera is 200 years old, and is currently being served by the sewa of Sant Anoop Singh Ji with the blessings of Sant Baba Satnam Singhji. Besides promoting the mission of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji at this center, Sant Ji is very well known and respected in the Sikh Kirtan world. He is well versed in his travels throughout the world, including countries like the United States of America, England, Germany, France, Singapore and numerous others. Sant Ji is very much aware of the problems we face, especially with our young Sikh children. Now, Sant Ji is motivated with the blessings of Akal-Purkh Waheguru Ji to propagate and expand Bhai Kanhaiya Ji’s mission to the next higher level in keeping with today’s technology and resources. Sant Anoop Singh Ji has initiated two different projects, each reflecting a very special and unique mission.
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Sant Anoop Singh (Una Sahib)
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