Sat Naam Family

Sat Naam Family

We are a collaboration of Harjit Lakhan (lyrics), Kirsty (music), Nicole (music and vocals). Sat Naam Family, means that the name Truth is my family. The divine souls wrote in Gurbani (Sikh Scriptures) that: Dearest God is my father, Dearest God is my mother, Dearest God is my cherisher. Dearest God does everything for me and I am God's child. (Har jee mata, har jee pita, har jee pritpalak. Har jee meree saar karaay, hum har kay balak.) As well as For the divine soul, God's name is their family. For the divine soul, God's name is their support. (Brahm giani ka naam parivaar. Brahm giani ka naam adhaar.) God Bless You and Keep You Happy.
Popular Tracks
Mere Har Pritam Ki Koye Bath Sunave
Sat Naam Family - Jup Mun Sat Naam
Ik Tera Pyaar Sanu Milyaa
Sat Naam Family - Jup Mun Sat Naam
Without You
Sat Naam Family - Meditate Forever on the Truth
Prani Eko Naam Dhaiyo
Sat Naam Family - Jup Mun Sat Naam
Tu Mero Pyaro 2
Sat Naam Family - Jup Mun Sat Naam
Hum Santan Ki Rein Pyaree
Sat Naam Family - Jup Mun Sat Naam
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