Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur)

Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur)

Gurbani is not just a collection of hymns, but it is the very essence of the faith of Sikhis. Kirtan and Katha are the two main ways where we connect with the teachings of Gurbani, and Bhai Balwinder Singh NKJ Gurdaspur is a master of both. His music style is energetic and uplifting, and he brings about insightful and thought-provoking subjects in his conversations. Bhai Balwinder Singh NKJ Gurdaspur has numerous videos and audio recordings available online, where he shares his spiritual teachings based on Gurbani. His teachings are an excellent way to deepen your understanding of Sikhism and to explore the message of the Guru in greater depth. On one of his audio, titled "Gur Bin Kion Tariye Sukh Hoye," he discusses the importance of following the Guru's teachings and how it can bring peace and happiness into our lives. Bhai Balwinder Singh NKJ Gurdaspur is also a gifted Kirtan singer. His energetic and powerful style of Kirtan is sure to leave you feeling inspired and connected to the divine, and his melodious renditions of shabads are especially popular among listeners. If you are looking for energetic and uplifting Kirtans that are grounded in the teachings of Gurbani, then Bhai Balwinder Singh NKJ Gurdaspur is an artist that you should definitely check out. His music and discourses will help you deepen your understanding of Sikhism and connect with your spirituality on a deeper level.
Popular Tracks
Har Jas Re Mana Gaye Lai
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - February 2017
Hum Baarik Pita Prabh Data
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - April 2016
Hau Dhudendi Darshan Kaaran
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - November 2015
Prabh Jio Devoh Darshan Apna
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - Jiwanwal Samagam 2015
Naam Beej Santokh Suhaga Rakh Gareebi Ves
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - April 2016
Gur Ki Sewa Karo Din Raat
Bhai Balwinder Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) - September 2015 (NKJ Gurdaspur)
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