Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)

Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)

Bhai Jabartor Singh Hazoori Ragi is a renowned name in the world of Gurbani music. Born on 9 November 1981 near Darbar Saheb in Amritsar, he was introduced to the world of music by his elder brother Bhai Jagroop Singh in his late childhood. Growing up in a religious family connected with sewa of Sri Darbar Saheb, Bhai Jabartor Singh developed a deep love and passion for Gurbani music, which led him to pursue it as a career. His formal education in music took place at Naadraag Music Academy in Amritsar, where he honed his skills in classical vocal and semi-classical music. He has also been affiliated with the musical house of Baba Jawand Singh for some time. His music style is primarily devotional, and he has a special love for shabads, kirtan, and katha. Bhai Jabartor Singh's career in Gurbani music started when he became a professional Gurbani singer, and he joined a Jathha comprising of other talented musicians such as Bhai Arshkaran Singh and Bhai Rohit Singh. Since then, he has been teaching Gurbani music to many aspiring musicians and has been stationed at various institutions throughout his career. Bhai Jabartor Singh Hazoori Ragi has gained recognition and awards for his soulful renditions of Gurbani. He is known for his ability to connect with the listeners through his music and inspire them with his spiritual teachings.
Popular Tracks
Bhai Jabartor Singh - Aarti - Harmandir Sahib
Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)
Bhai Jabartor Singh - Aasa Di Vaar - Harmandir Sahib
Kaley Likh Na Lekh
Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)
Bande Bandagi Iktiyar
Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)
Jahan Daane Tahan Khaane
Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)
Sun Nah Pyare Ik Benanti Meri
Bhai Jabartor Singh (Hazuri Ragi)
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