Bhai Nand Singh (Delhi)

Bhai Nand Singh (Delhi)

Bhai Nand Singh Ji, a renowned blind Kirtani from the city of Jhang, Pakistan, was born into a family of 8 brothers and 1 sister. His family moved to Alahar, Haryana during the unrest of the partition in 1947. When Bhai Nand Singh Ji was six years old, he lost his eyesight due to an illness. His parents sent him to Yamunanagar under the care of Sant Nischal Singh Ji to gain spiritual knowledge. Sant Nischal Singh Ji recognized the potential in Bhai Nand Singh Ji and called him a diamond, whose duty was to polish him. For 28 years, Bhai Nand Singh Ji was under the care of Sant Nischal Singh Ji, who gave him tasks to develop interest in ‘Naam’. With time, the desire for ‘Naam’ grew within him, and he meditated all day long. He even went into the jungles of Machhiwara and meditated for 3 years, despite being blind. Sant Nischal Singh Ji was pleased with his progress and asked him about his heart's desire, to which he replied, “Please bless me with the gift of Kirtan”. Bhai Nand Singh Ji spent many years learning Kirtan from Sant Nischal Singh Ji. Bhai Nand Singh Ji had saintly qualities and a captivating voice, which made him popular among the Sangat. He kept to himself and only spoke when spoken to, constantly doing Simran. He performed Kirtan in Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi for many years, and people gathered in crowds to listen to him. His sweet voice and simple style appealed to many, and he also had a gift for delivering Katha. Bhai Nand Singh Ji has taught Kirtan to many, including the renowned Kirtani, Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji (Paonta Sahib). Bhai Nand Singh Ji has traveled to various countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia to perform Kirtan. His legacy continues to inspire generations of Sikhs to connect with Waheguru through Gurbani and Kirtan. Experience the divine presence and spiritual bliss through Bhai Nand Singh Ji's classic style of Kirtan.
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Bhai Nand Singh (Delhi)
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Bhai Nand Singh (Delhi)
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