Guru Gun Kaur

Guru Gun Kaur

Escape to the enchanting world of captivating melodies of Guru Gun Kaur, an esteemed artist whose renditions of Gurbani will transport you to a realm of spiritual bliss. Guru Gun Kaur's performances at various samagams have left an indelible mark on listeners worldwide. Explore the soulful compositions like "Mohe Machali Tum Neer" from the Dallas Samagam 07, or "Tum Dhaate Thaakur Pratipaalak Naik Khasam Hamaare" from the 2005 Los Angeles Samagam. Experience the divine vibrations of "Aavo Milo Sahaeleeo Sacharraa Naam Laehaa" from the 2011 San Francisco Samagam and "Satgur Mera Sada Dyala Mohe Nirgun Ko Rakh Liya" from the 2006 Toronto Sadh Sangat Samagam. Guru Gun Kaur's unique blend of Western and Keertan styles creates an enchanting musical experience. Immerse yourself in the divine essence of Gurbani through her heartfelt renditions.
Popular Tracks
Tum Dhaate Thaakur Pratipaalak Naik Khasam Hamaare
Guru Gun Kaur - 2005 Los Angeles Samagam
Aavahu milahu saheleeho sachaRaa naam lehaa
Guru Gun Kaur - 2015 March Bakersfield Samagam
Satgur Mera Sada Dyala Mohe Nirgun Ko Rakh Liya
Guru Gun Kaur - 2006 Toronto Sadh Sangat Samagam
Aavo Milo Sahaeleeo Sacharraa Naam Laehaa
Guru Gun Kaur - 2011 San Francisco Samagam
Mohe Machali Tum Neer
Guru Gun Kaur - Dallas Samagam 07
Simar Manaa Raam Naam Chithaarae
Guru Gun Kaur - 2018 Los Angeles Samagam
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