Prof Paramjit Singh

Prof Paramjit Singh

An exceptionally accomplished scholar, teacher, musician and Indian classical vocalist, Professor Paramjeet Singh has devoted his life to the study, performance and teaching of India's profound musical and spiritual traditions. Through his work, India's ancient wisdom resonates powerfully here in the 21st Century. Professor Paramjeet was born into a family of musical scholars in Northern India's city of Patiala. He began his musical training at the tender age of six, under the tutelage of his father, Gyani Kripal Singh, a highly respected kirtan singer. His musical journey brought him to the feet of many musical masters. At an early age, he achieved excellence in the fields of vocal, harmonium and tabla, and after earning his PhD from Dehli University, became the youngest professor ever to teach at Punjabi University at just 24 years of age. Professor Paramjeet's lifelong love of learning continues to this day, as he spends countless hours daily immersed in study. Currently he is in the process of uncovering many 'antique' Ragas and musical compositions that are rarely used today and are in danger of being lost forever. To date, he has gained mastery of over 125 ragas and hundreds of musical compositions (many of his own composing and many passed down from previous generations). In concert, Professor Paramjeet performs ghazal, folk, classical, light classical and the kirtan of well-known Indian saints, including Mirabai, Kabir, Ravidas, Farid and many others within the Hindu, Sufi and Sikh traditions. His performances reach the height of musical mastery and the deepest levels of spiritual emotion and insight. Paramjeet’s elder brother Late Sardar Baljit Singhji, a disciple of Sri P.C. Shekharji (disciple of Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan Saheb, the doyen of Patiala Gharana) further enhanced Paramjeet’s music. Dr. Ajeet Singh Paintel (disciple of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb) honed the young Paramjeet’s musical skills to perfection.
Popular Tracks
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Mehervaan Sahib Mehervaan (Tilang M: 5)
Prof Paramjit Singh - Live at San Diego Gurdwara
Sukee Aaoo Sukee - Bilawal
Prof Paramjit Singh
Jap Man Jagnath Jagdeesaro (Sarang, Partaal)
Prof Paramjit Singh - Live Recordings
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