Raj Academy Conservatoire

Raj Academy Conservatoire

Founded in 1994 by Professor Surinder Singh, the Raj Academy of Asian Music is the world's largest institution for Sikh and traditional Indian music. Offering quality education and training at the grassroots level, we provide opportunities for individuals to learn the universal art of Sikh music, Gurmat Sangeet, and Naad Yoga. Our wide range of offerings include concerts, workshops, outreach courses, and training programs for teachers and therapists, all of which utilize musical composition for holistic healing and personal growth. While music in modern society is primarily used for entertainment, Raj Academy focuses on the transformative power of sound. Their approach to singing, playing, and listening aspires to a higher purpose – that of inner attainment. At the heart of this approach is the ancient Indian raag (raga) system, which is a powerful technology for achieving inner balance and harmony. Raag means mood, and by listening to the precisely controlled rhythms, melodies, and tones of a raag, we can deepen our understanding of our emotional and spiritual reality. By recognizing the mood in music reflected in our own lives, Raj Academy believes that one can gain a deeper mastery and understanding of our own situations, and thus compose our own lives. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, recognizing the potential of this musical system of inner communication, perfected it and with his successors crystallized it in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. This manual for the musical navigation of experience contains the universal wisdom brought to life in 60 different raags, which serve as the cornerstone of the Raj Academy's curriculum for sharing the art and science of sound for personal wellbeing. Timeless, all-embracing, and beyond religious and cultural boundaries, this approach to music can unlock the potential in everyone and help them lead uncompromised lives true to themselves and invaluable to others. At the Raj Academy, they specialize in the raag music style and offer a wealth of audio content showcasing the spiritual teachings of Sikhism, including kirtan, gurbani, katha, shabad, and more. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, their resources can help you deepen your understanding of this art form and experience the transformative power of music in your life.
Popular Tracks
Jap Man Jaggannath Jagdisro
Raj Academy Conservatoire
Nirgun Rakh Liya Santan Ka Sadka
Raj Academy Conservatoire
Sabai Ghat Ram Bole
Raj Academy Conservatoire
Waheguru - Rag Dhanasri part 2
Raj Academy Conservatoire - Dukh Bhanjan 2017
Har Charan Saran Gobind Dukh Bjanhjana
Waheguru - Rag Bilaval part 2
Raj Academy Conservatoire - Dukh Bhanjan 2017
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