Siri Sat Kaur

Siri Sat Kaur

Siri Sat Kaur offers an elegant and precise approach to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Based in New York City, she currently teaches at Golden Bridge Yoga, Pure Yoga, and HB Acting Studios. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer specializing in the area of postures and alignment and maintains a private practice that includes energetic healing work. Her experience includes direct training with Yogi Bhajan and certification in Reiki and in the healing modalities of Sat Nam Rasayan®. She traveled extensively in northern India for several years to practice deep meditation, and believes that anyone can learn yoga, heal themselves, and expand their awareness.
Popular Tracks
Prosperidad - Ap Sahaee Hoa
Siri Sat Kaur - Prosperidad/Prosperity
Superacion - Rakhe Rakhan Har
Siri Sat Kaur - Prosperidad/Prosperity
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