Madeleine Bachan Kaur

Madeleine Bachan Kaur

Bachan Kaur is a spiritual artist and teacher whose passion for the realm of spirit has been evident since childhood. As a child, she would often be found dancing, singing, and drawing, enveloped in her own magical world of creation and soul. Kundalini yoga, which she discovered at the age of 18, gave her a language to express and experience her body, mind, heart, and soul. It provided her with a spiritual community, and most importantly, it gave her a deep love for and connection to the path of sacred sound and music. Over the last 15 years, Bachan Kaur has been a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga, art, music, ceremony, and prayer. She journeyed into the heart of the divine feminine, the voice of the earth and our ancestors, after her mother passed away in 2008, which guides her work today. She has travelled to and lived in many places, learning and sharing with different people and parts of our precious planet, observing and listening to her unique role in the unfolding of life. Bachan Kaur believes that we are multidimensional human beings - cosmic rainbows with so much to learn from each of our relations. Her gratitude for the practice of prayer, art, and creativity is profound, as it allows us to experience and express the full spectrum of who and what we are. Her music style incorporates Western, Mantras, Kundalini Music, and Sadhana. To experience Bachan Kaur's spiritual teachings, you can listen to her mantras and music here. Her music is soulful and uplifting, and her lyrics are profound, infused with the wisdom and knowledge of Gurbani. Listening to her music can transport you to a realm of peace and tranquility, connecting you to your innermost self and the divine.
Popular Tracks
Wahe Guru
Madeleine Bachan Kaur - Angels in the Amrit
Gayatri Mantra
Madeleine Bachan Kaur - illumine*nation
Madeleine Bachan Kaur - illumine*nation
Wahe Guru Bliss
Madeleine Bachan Kaur - illumine*nation
Smile My Child It Will Be Alright
Rudi Rite Jeevo Jaag Maa
Madeleine Bachan Kaur - Anahat
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