Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib)

Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib)

Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib Wale), a renowned Sikh musician and preacher, has spent his life devoted to the art of kirtan and spreading the teachings of Gurbani. Born in Khalator village to parents who had been singing dharmik bhajan shabads for over 50 years, Bhai Onkar Singh was destined to continue this legacy. Under the guidance of Ustad Mahender Singh and Baba Gurdial Singh, he learned the intricacies of Gurbani Keertan for 3-4 years at Sri Guru Shergah Sahib Paunta Sahib School. After this, he performed Kirtan with Baba Tara Singh and Baba Pritpal Singh for 1-2 years in Meetha Tiwana, Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Inspired by the teachings of Sant Satnam Singh Ji and Sant Anoop Singh Ji (Una Sahib), Bhai Onkar Singh performed Kirtan in Dera Dharamshala (Una Sahib) for 15 years. He has travelled extensively with his jatha since childhood, performing kirtan across the world in countries such as USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Bangkok, Dubai, and Hong Kong. His passion for spreading the message of Gurbani has led him to release over 30 albums of kirtan, and his musical legacy continues to grow. Bhai Onkar Singh's style of kirtan is contemporary and devotional, blending traditional melodies with modern rhythms. His soulful renditions of shabads connect listeners with the divine, stirring their hearts and elevating their spirits. Aside from his musical contributions, Bhai Onkar Singh is also a renowned preacher and spiritual leader. He has delivered numerous discourses and speeches, which can be found on multiple platforms. Overall, Bhai Onkar Singh's life is a testament to the power of kirtan and the importance of spreading the message of Gurbani. His music and teachings continue to inspire and uplift countless individuals around the world.
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Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib) - Jan Ki Ardas
Mohe Pardesan Door Te Aayi (Kirtan Studio)
Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib)
Raam Hauo Kiya Jaana Kiya Bhaavae
Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib) - Malaysia Smagam
Ardaas Nanak Sun Swami
Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib)
Daya Karoh Basoh Mann Aaye
Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib)
Gurbani Sun Mayl Gawaye
Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib) - Jan Ki Ardas
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