Hardial Singh

Hardial Singh

Before joining IAS in 1962, Shri Hardial Singh worked as a Lecturer in Political Science from January 59 to June 62 in Ramgarhia College, Phagwara. In the IAS, important posts held by him in Punjab were that of Managing Director, Punjab Agro-Industries Corporation, Deputy Commissioner, Patiala, Director of Industries, Director of Industrial Training, Secretary to the Government for the Departments of PWD, Public Health, Architecture, Technical Education, Health and Medical Education, Local Government and Urban Development, School and Higher Education, Culture, Sports, etc. AS Financial Commissioner and Secretary to the Government, he also served as Financial Commissioner, Revenue and Rehabilitation. He retired in the year 1994 in the rank of Chief Secretary as a Presiding Officer of Schools and Colleges Tribunals. He served the people of Punjab with utmost dedication and honesty in whatever position he held in the Punjab Government. S. Hardial Singh was most fortunate in having received Grace from Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji on 5th December, 1975 after he had taken Khande dee Pahul from Panj Piaraas at Anandpur Sahib on Baisakhi Day in 1975. Though since childhood, he was a student of Gurbani as having been born in the well-known family of Guru Ghar De Kirtanees, but after having received Grace, he became a serious Devotee of Satgurus, Gurbani and Gurmat Bhagtee. In 1983, he was made the Founder President of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Mission as he was spreading the message of Divine Name and Gurbani for eradication of sorrows and ailments. Since 1983, under his leadership and guidance, Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Mission has been holding camps in India and from 1993 onwards in India and abroad for healing sick persons by Divine Name and Gurbani without giving any drugs. This programme has gained great respect and popularity amongst Sikhs in India and abroad. Shri Hardial Singh is also the Chairperson of Sri Guru Amardas Charitable Trust which has set up Sri Guru Amardas Sehat and Simran kender in Kapurthala District for popularizing the Gurmat methods of meditation and Bhagti which are different, distinctive and very effective for rapid advancement on the path of Self-realization and also for removal of sorrows, ailments and obstacles. for more detail www.gurunanakhealing.com
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Hardial Singh - Bharosa (Faith in the Divine and Prayer)
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