Immortal Productions

Immortal Productions

Immortal Productions is a team of passionate individuals who have come together to produce the Shaheedi series, a powerful and moving collection of Sikh-related media. Made up of musicians, producers, singers, writers, designers, translators, historians, distributors, and other skilled individuals, all members of IP work on the projects on a seva basis, driven by a desire to serve and spread the message of Sikhism to a wider audience. Immortal Productions provides a platform for people of different backgrounds to utilize their skills to produce Sikh-related educational media, with an emphasis on the propagation of Sikh values through engaging media such as devotional music. The group aims to connect with people who may not necessarily be able to connect or understand traditional methods of Sikh teaching, and to provide a stepping stone to understanding Sikh values for those feeling disenfranchised with society. The music produced by Immortal Productions is not intended to replace any Sikh musical tradition, but rather to complement it and offer a fresh perspective. Their music is designed to connect with the listener on a deep level, touching the soul and evoking powerful emotions. The Shaheedi series produced by Immortal Productions features stories of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Sikh faith. Through powerful storytelling and beautiful music, the series celebrates the bravery and sacrifice of these inspiring figures, inspiring listeners to live their lives with courage and devotion to the Sikh way of life. If you're looking to deepen your connection to Sikhism through devotional music, check out Immortal Productions' powerful and inspiring Shaheedi series.
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forget what divides us
Immortal Productions - Panj
Immortal Productions Theme
Immortal Productions - Jujharu Khalsa
Mool Mantar in English
Immortal Productions - Jujharu Khalsa
Acapella Simran
Immortal Productions - Jujharu Khalsa
Holi Khoon Di
Immortal Productions - Jujharu Khalsa
1984 da Saka
Immortal Productions - Jujharu Khalsa
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