Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh)

Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh)

Sant Joginder Singh Ji is a beautiful soul who has been blessed with the gift of Kirtan and Katha. Despite losing his eyesight at a young age due to an infection, Sant Ji's love for music and devotion to the Guru never wavered. Sant Ji was raised by Sant Duleep Singh Ji and later on by Sant Harbans Singh Ji in the village of Domeli, where he received his training in Gurmat Sangeet under the guidance of the renowned Sant Sarwan Singh Ji ‘Gandharv’ of Domeli, who was also popularly known as ‘Raaga Singh’. Sant Ji's love for Kirtan led him to Amritsar, where he furthered his knowledge in Gurmat Sangeet and Gurbani Vidhya at Shaheed Mani Singh Ji’s Taksal in Sato Wali Gali under the guidance of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. It was here that Sant Ji was blessed with Amrit by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa ‘Bhindranwale’ Jatha. Sant Joginder Singh Ji's musical talents are not limited to Sikhism as he also attained a diploma in classical music from Allahabad University of India. Sant Ji has dedicated his entire life to the service of Sikhi and is still carrying out the service entrusted to him by Sant Harbans Singh Ji and the Sangat. With the support of the Sangat, Sant Ji built and established Guru Har Rai Sahib’s Darbar in West Bromwich, where he traveled extensively to many cities to share the gift of Kirtan and Katha. Sant Joginder Singh Ji has organized free eye camps in Anandpur Sahib every month, and with the support of both local and international Sangat, he built the Mata Sahib Kaur Yatri Niwas for Sangat visiting Anandpur Sahib. He also built a Guru Ghar in Anandpur Sahib, which is named after Guru Har Rai Sahib. Sant Ji's selfless service and devotion to the Guru are a testament to the beauty and purity of Sikhism. Sant Ji's music style is classical, and his discourses and speeches are a source of spiritual teachings that showcase his deep understanding of Sikhism.
Popular Tracks
Vaho Vaho Gobind Singh Aape Gur Chela
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Deen Dard Nivaar Thakhur Rakhe Jan Ki Aap
Keerat Prabh Ki Gao Meri Rasna
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Tum Karoh Daya Mere Sayee
Jo Deeseh Gursikhra
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Mayee Gur Charni Chit Laayie
Santoh Ram Das Sarovar Neeka
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Gurbani Kirtan Parvah
Katha - Sachkhand Vasi Sri Maan Sant Baba Harbans Singh Ji
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Jaa Kao Har Rang Laago Is Jug Meh So Kaheeat Hai Soora
Sagal Bhavan Ke Naaeikaa Ek Shin Dars Dhikhae Ji
Sri Maan Sant Baba Joginder Singh (Domeli Valeh) - Tum Karoh Daya Mere Sayee
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