Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur is a name that needs no introduction. Born in Delhi on 16th December 1986, Harshdeep was introduced to Gurbani music at a very young age. Her father, Sardar Savinder Singh, was not a musician himself, but he recognized his daughter's talent and encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. Harshdeep's journey in the world of music began when she was just six years old. Her first music guru was Bhai Tejpal Singh, popularly known as Singh Bandhu, who taught her classical vocals. As she grew older, she also learned western music from George Pullinkala, and learned the piano from Delhi School of Music. Harshdeep's style of Gurbani music is mainly classical vocals, and she also explores Sufi music, which has earned her the title of 'Sufi Ki Sultana.' Harshdeep's talent and dedication to music have been recognized worldwide, and she has won numerous awards for her outstanding performances. She is a popular playback singer in India, and the first female to win two reality show titles - the MTV Video Ga Ga award in 2003 and the Junoon - Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka award in 2008. Harshdeep has also been a judge in various singing reality shows, showcasing her deep knowledge of music. Above all that, she believes that her rendition of “Ik Onkar” in Rang de Basanti, a hit Bollywood movie, was her ultimate milestone. Her love for Gurbani music has always been evident in her work, and she has released several albums dedicated to this genre. Her soulful voice and melodious renditions of Shabads and Gurbani have touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. She is a true ambassador of Sikhism and its teachings, and her music inspires people to connect with their spiritual selves. SikhNet has been a platform that Harshdeep Kaur has used to share her music with a global audience. She is a true inspiration for the youth of today, and her contribution to the world of music is unparalleled. Her love for Gurbani music and dedication to the art form have earned her numerous accolades, and her music continues to inspire and touch people's hearts. SikhNet is proud to have Harshdeep Kaur as one of its contributors, and we look forward to sharing more of her beautiful music with our audience.
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Ik Ongkar
Harshdeep Kaur - Rang De Basanti
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